[Daily Prompt] How ironic the irony was.


…When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate. Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classic:- Daily Prompt

Well, to be honest, I never heard of this song before. I looked it up just now.
And it was quite good actually. Ironic.

How ironic it was that it is quite a good song. Don’t you think?

One friend of mine recently asked me this question;

“Do you think life is fair?” , smiling, I answered her “Yes.” Then, she told me “I don’t think so. I worked hard for my whole life but even after all the hard works, my life’s still the same. I gave everything I had to the love of my life but he just took it and tossed it away. So many unfortunate things happen to me, while all I want was just to be happy.So I think life is not fair. Not at all” 

I still think life is fair. But only when you truly wish it to be fair.

Indeed, what my friend said was not totally wrong. Sometimes life will give you shit. Yeah, sometimes all we want is a knife but life gave us ten thousand spoons. So what? We can’t use that spoon just because all we want is a knife? Yeah, sometimes we fall in love with the man we always dreams about but unfortunately he has a wife. So what? Is he the only man living in this planet earth?

Life give you shit when you only see the shitty part.

The 98 years old man died after winning the lottery. Sometimes all we sees was the fact that he ‘won the lottery and then died’ , rather than the fact that he lived for 98 years. Don’t you think 98 years of living was much more precious than winning one lottery?

Life can give you rain when all you want is sunshine. But it’s up to you whether to spend your time getting angry and cursing the raindrops on your shoulder, or, to learn how to dance in the rain and enjoy the cool sensation of the rain embracing your warmth.

You choose.

After all, we choose what to see and what to believe.



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