[Daily Prompt] Surprises; That’s the dream!


You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?Daily prompt

A huge flower bouquet with no card attached? Ooooooooooooooh, mystery.

I’m sure women imagine this a lot. At least, the normal one. The scene that we saw in the movie where we come home and there it is; a bouquet of fresh flower waiting for us. Ooooooooooooh that’s the dream isn’t it?

If this thing happened to me, I would say they delivered it to the wrong house. And maybe later in the day, the delivery guy will take it back saying it was sent to the wrong house. Definitely. What motivates me to say this? Well..

My dad is not the type of man who buy flowers. He might give me money instead and ask it to buy it myself if I want to. And my boyfriend..well..he doesn’t do surprise. To be exact, he doesn’t know how to. He is the type of boyfriend who ask you what you want instead of surprising you with thoughtful gifts. That’s the only people I have in my life who I’m sure of their love towards me so there goes the list..And I’m sure I don’t have secret admirers either.

For my whole life, there is only one time I ever received a bouquet of flower. It was during the dinner with my coursemates and I happened to win the queen of the night. That is all.

But , I always dream about it though. You know, that kind of thing where there will be someone smart enough to figure out my hidden desire to be surprised by this kind of sweet things. I always think it was kinda sweet to have this kind of thing happen to you at least once in a lifetime. It might be a little creepy if there is no card attached to it, but the thought of having the mystery guy who brings flower is kinda of exciting, don’t you think?



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