Welcome Home, and Hellllloo Google!


Yeah, I’m welcoming myself home.
My home.
The place where I belong.

So, after 45 days in Shanghai and two very exhausting+extremely anguishing days of comeback-home journey, I’m finally here. I’m home. And I totally can’t wait to tell the whole world that.

I’m home! Did I tell you how happy I am to be home?

I was so sad that I left this blog un-updated for more than a month. There were so many things to write about so I was extremely disappointed when I found out that I can’t open it in Shanghai. It was my first time travelling and I was surprised on how not prepared I am for the whole journey. Well, in my defense, it was never occur to me surprisingly, that there will be a place where I can’t access WordPress. And Google. I should google everything about Shanghai before I go, so, my bad.

As soon as I arrived, the first thing I did was change my search engine back from Bing to Google. You could not imagine how happy I am to be able to use Google again. They always say that you don’t know how much you love a person until that person left you, right? Well, in my case, I didn’t know how much I depend on Google until it was blocked from me. Think about it, we do use Google a lot in our daily lives. All the maps, the search engine, the translator, the Gmail and a whole lot other services that Google provided for us.

To be honest, I’m still exhausted from the trip. But I love nothing more than to update my blog. My blog. My baby. And btw, I’m going to write about my first travelling experience; 45days in Shanghai. Look forward to it!

And before I end my post, there is something I would love to say..

I love Malaysia. Malaysia, my home. My country.



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