[Throwback Thursday] The Perks of Being a Runner


I saw an interesting thing today. Gave me a great idea of starting a little segment I loved to call ‘Throwback Thursday’. So, I was on my way to pick up my kid when I saw the track and field event for a school sports festival.. Ahh..sports festival. How nostalgic.

I may look like this; a chubby old lady that always walks slowly, but believe it or not, I used to be a long distance runner. Sports festival was the highlight of my high school life and my favourite events were 1500m and 800 m. Always managed to swipe the gold medal. Ah, all the anticipation, the excitement, the competitiveness..god..I missed those days..

I’m sure everyone has their own high point of being a high schooler, and for me, it was this; being a runner. I’m always bad at making friends and not that good in giving a nice first impression. A lot of people always scared of me, I don’t know why. Maybe my face is a little bit scary or maybe it’s because of the way I talk.. I found myself not really surrounded by a lot of friends. That’s why being a runner helped a lot.I start getting a lot of athlete friends..I have topics to talk about.. And I have something I’m confident in doing. And most importantly, it makes me happy.

The thing I love the most about running is the rush of heartbeats every time I run. It was exciting and at the same time, exhilarating. It feels like when you run, everything else disappears and you can’t see anything in front of you. The only thing you hear is your own ragged breath, and you can feel the cool breeze embracing your body while you are accelerating with speed. For me, it was comforting. I still remember how the wind feels during the 10km international race. It was the best feeling I had in all the races I ever participated. And when I got the medal, I felt like I have won the world. That’s how I truly felt.

I love the fact that when I run, I forgot about the burdens of the world I carry with me. That was the only time I felt free. It’s like a small escape from the world that binds me down. And talking about it now makes me miss it even more. It’s been five years since I stop running.

I wonder why I stop.

Saying that I don’t have time for it anymore is just an excuse I made to not feel so guilty about it. Maybe I just didn’t want that escape anymore. Maybe because it’s not the real freedom anymore.




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