[Daily Prompt] Let bygones be bygones


If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything? -Daily Prompt

I like the topic today. Seriously. Because I don’t have to think that hard.

So if I could relive the past week, would I?

In a heartbeat I will say, hell no. No no no no no and no. I would not. I rather not. Why?

Because past week was my exam week. And to be honest, it was ugly. I lived like a crazy person. My eyes always feels like closing, thanks to insufficient sleep. My hair is everywhere. My rooms a messed. My brains feels like it’s gonna explode any seconds, thanks to a week of straight exams with no gap. Gosh, I really love how the lecturers set up the exams. It was totally great to have straight days exam. Yeah, because we are geniuses, right?

Anyway, I really hate that exam and I wouldn’t want to relive it. And I believed that even if I go through it again, I will still do the same thing, last minute studying. If I have to go through it again, my heart won’t be able to stand it. It was horrible. Horrible.

But if the past week is not the exam week would I still stand by my decision of not reliving it? Yes. Hell yes.

Even if I can turn back time, I won’t change a thing. I will still do the same thing I did. I will still meet the person I met. I will still make the decision I made. You see, my life is not all sunshine. I had it rough. I was trapped in waves of storms. But I’m here didn’t I? Even if my life is not always coloured with rainbows and stuffed with candies, I got no regret. I made a lot of bad decisions, but I glad I made them. Because I took them as a lesson, each and every time.

This is what it means by life.  We only got to live it once. Since we can’t rewind it, doesn’t  that drives us to live as great as possible? It’s thrilling doesn’t it? Since we only got one shot at it.

So let’s just bygones be bygones. The future is ahead. And to be able to see it, we have to keep marching forward.



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