Communications; Online VS Real life


Over the years, the emergence of numerous social media networks has helped us a lot, especially in connecting people all around the world, end to end. The development of this technology has been our pride, and communicating has never been easier.


Yes, social media networks are made with the purpose of making the communications easier, no doubt about that. But somehow..  Don’t you think that it fails to connect people heart to heart? We are no longer communicating face to face but screen to screen instead. Expressions are replaced with emoticons and dialogues are replaced with text messages. Not that I’m saying it’s bad, believe me. It’s great that we can show what expression we wear through emoticons, and it’s great that we can just send a quick text whenever we want to communicate with someone.

But the thing is, no matter how great the SNS world is, it’s ONLINE. Not on real life, its ONLINE. It’s important we understand that there is a firm line between these two worlds; the real world and the online world. This is where the problem lies. We were so adapted to that world more than we realized that it’s becoming hard to tell them apart. Communications through the network is  great, but communications in the real world are equally important.

And we seems to forget that.

These days, whenever a disagreement or dissatisfactions are surfacing, often, we found ourselves typing on the SNS instead of actually talking about it. Whether it’s regarding our friends, people we hated or even sensitive issues, we found it easier to just fill up our timelines instead of having real communications about it. Will the problems solved by bombarding our timelines?

Come on, we know it’s not.

Communications helps us build good relationship especially, with our family members. This is an unspoken fact. But what I saw is that nowadays, its normal to see a big family sitting together on a table, without exchanging a single conversation with each other while waiting for the food to be served. Everyone is so addicted to this online world  that they don’t even have time to glance up looking at the family members and start a conversation. We know that talking with each other more can toughen up the bond we had and deepened the understanding of one another. So why aren’t we doing it?Are we sure that reading our family members status updates alone are enough to build a good foundations of our family institutions?

I don’t have to tell you the answer, didn’t I? Because deep down, you already know.

So my real questions is, is this what we want as a culture? Is this what we are after for in this so-called modernized society?


Direct communications in life shouldn’t be that hard right? If we have a little spat with our friends, we can just talk face to face with them instead of worrying about what kind of hint should we drop on our SNS page so that he/she realized that we are actually disagreeing with certain he/she on certain level of things. And when we are with our family, why not talk to each other more? Things like ‘what happened to me today’ or things like ‘what I really can’t stand‘, should be shared so that we can understand our family members better. After all, what can be more valuable than our own family?

Come on, let’s live a real life now should we?



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