It’s been such a long time!


Oh my..I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time didn’t I? Somehow its been gathering much dust, eh? To be honest, I have been restraining myself so that I can give full attention on my final exam. Now that it’s over I can finally take a breather.

I can be really obsessive when it comes to writing. Every time I got good idea, my brains started drafting on its own and throughout the day, its the only thing I think about. It’s a good thing I stop writing for my final exam. Otherwise, I won’t be able to focus much. Plus, I promised someone I won’t waste my life away by not studying just because biotechnology is not something I really want to do. After all, it’s my own choice that I’m studying biotechnology right now. Can’t blame anyone on that can I? We should be responsible on our choice, always.

A month in hiatus provided me with a lot of ideas to write here. In fact, I think I won’t be running out of idea for the whole month to come, hohoo ~~~ ^o^

p/s : To all my biotech friends, I wish you guys happy semester break! (and don’t forget to complete your FYP proposals too! Haha ><) See you guys in 2 months time ✌ ✌



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