Just A Little Hug Maybe?


-Balancing my life between a mom and a student has never been easy. There are times when I got annoyed, frustrated and mentally exhausted- sincerely, me.

I am 22, an undergraduate student and not married I’m telling you. So where my baby does came from? He’s my nephew to be exact. But it’s been such a long time since I raised him so I prefer to call myself a mom. I took care of him even when he’s still a baby so I am basically a mom.

So here I was trying to complete my freakishly-a-lot assignments, when he came to me asking me to help him with his home works. Putting away my assignment, I began helping him with his works. He has to write 4 words, a page each and draw a picture of them too. Oh my god….why the hell is the teacher gave him so freaking a lot??? (I didn’t say this out loud though..) *sighed*

He is left handed and somehow there was a lot of times when he interpreted things I taught him in a reverse way. If I draw a circle clockwise, he drew it anti-clockwise. That was totally fine. But when it comes to letter such as ‘d‘ and ‘b‘ he always confused. I wrote ‘b‘ and it became ‘d‘. It was cute for the first five times but at the sixth time I’m starting to get annoyed.

I can’t get annoyed though..he’s a kid and just starting to learn alphabets and vowels but when you have tons of assignment to do and your kid’s still can’t grasp what you are trying to teach them and continuously dragging the time, yeah..it gets pretty annoying. 

Then, come to the part where he needs to draw the animals (fish, cow, horse and chicken). This! Totally tests my patience. *flips table* I was wondering ‘why the hell he needs to draw a horse?‘ I’m fine with anything else but a horse?? Oh my god, it took longer time because of that horse.

I’m not good in drawing kid’s style so I googled it up. It was so damn hard to teach him drawing. I almost went nuts. It took me total two hours to finish everything up. I was so happy he finished everything and starting to work on my assignments.

Then, he came to me saying he’s hungry. Nowadays, he eat a lot which is good because it can help him growing but I really need to get my work done……So I made a sandwich for him. While sitting beside me, he gobbled up his food while I was just trying to understand a journal I was reading when he said, ‘mummy..I want more‘. Alright, so I got up and did more sandwiches and again, attempting to finish my work.

Now that he’s full, done his home works, it’s time for him to sleep. I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I’m actually kind of annoyed and frustrated at that time because I still haven’t started working on my assignment even after so many attempts and now he wants me to accompany him until he fell asleep. I refused at first and asked him to sleep by himself since he’s already five but then he attacked me with his special trick. He began to tears up. There, my biggest weakness. It works every time my boy, eeeeeeevery time. 

So, we were on the bed, laying side by side..I sang a lullaby, stroke his head while wishing he sleep faster because in my mind I’m only thinking about my assignments. I’m about to reach my boiling point where I’m about to explode when he..

..when he hugged me.
There, that did it. All the frustration, all the annoyance, everything..just dissolved away. 

It’s hard to raise children. But still, our parents did it aren’t they? Continuously fulfilling our demands, continuously cope up with all the burden and responsibilities we never even imagined of. Without asking much from us, they did everything they could in raising us. Somewhere along the line, they might get frustrated, get mad with us, but they were just human beings. They too, were once a kid before they became our parents.

Sometimes, just a hug is enough. Just a little love is enough. You won’t believe how much it means to show those little gestures to our parents.

So, what kind of love you showed your parents today?



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