[Daily Prompt] Memories.



For some, it might be the reason to live.
For some, it can be the reason to leave.
It might be good,
it might be bad.
But it’s always our choice on how to interpret that.

For me memories are something that we created in our mind, according to our own perspective, according to our interpretation, and became something we remembered with. That’s why I always believe that memories we had won’t always be the same with the memories of the person we shared the memories with. My dad used to tell me this, “No two person can look at the same circle and describe it in the same way.” Confused, I asked my dad why? “The same reason why he is he, and you are you. He is not you, and you are not him,” my dad smiled.

No two persons can look at the same circle and describe it in the same way…” 

And if I have to choose between the recent one and the one that has been faded over time, I’ll choose the latter. The one happened ages ago, the one that has been covered in haze.

Why? Because without them, I won’t be the person I am today. Past memories might be just something that we created and remembered from a long time ago but that’s the thing. It was created ‘long time ago‘. Instead of who I am, it’s who I was. Instead of what I do, it’s what I’ve done. Instead of where I am, it’s how far I’ve come. It’s not good to live in the past, but it’s best to learn from it.

Open up your albums and look at the pictures. Compare the one you took recently with the one you took long time ago. Ask yourself this; how happy have you become?

In the end, to be able to have that ‘today‘ is because there is ‘yesterday‘.

What could be a greater teacher than this?



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