Loving you fully; With all I had in me


~I believe that there will be at least one person that will love you for all of you,
even the shittiest part of you.~

First of all, I dedicated this post to all of you whom I hold dearly, adores truthfully and loves wholeheartedly.

In my previous post, I told you right? We all have our own expiry date. We just don’t know when is the exact time will be.

About two years ago, after six-very-long-and-really-damn-hard-years, my relationship comes to an end. The one I thought will last forever. The one I thought will always have that ‘later’. And to be honest, never in my wildest dream that I thought that there will come that one day where I have to call him my ex-boyfriend. Where I have to call him ‘the one that got away‘.

The one I thought will always have that ‘later’.. 

Now, this is not about me being broken-hearted, mind you. It’s just that I learned a lot from that relationship and the break-up. I took it for granted, that whole six years, that all the precious time I had with me.

Often, we forgot that we were just human, the ultimate symbol of imperfection. Equipped with a heart that easily wounded, made up of a brain that easily forgets, and restricted with limitations but full of expectations. That’s us. That’s just us.

And we always forgot that time is always ticking, moving past us without the slightest care. That’s why we spent our time endlessly worrying about future because in our mind, there will always be tomorrow. That’s why we spent our time fighting with our loved ones comparing who is way much better, because in our mind..he’s going to be there forever. That’s why we keep all our love bottled up inside because we can always show it later.

I’m telling you..as long as you are still breathing, there is no such things as ‘tomorrow never die’, neither there will be forever. All you have is now. Right now.

And now that I started a new relationship, I always tell myself this; I am going to love him fully, with everything I had in me, so that when it’s time for me to leave, regret won’t be coming together with me. So last night on our date, I told my boyfriend this;

Let’s love each other like there will be no tomorrow.
Let’s fight when we should and make up as fast as we can.
Let’s remind ourselves everyday of how much important we are to each other.
Let’s act crazy and laugh for our stupidity.
And the most important thing is,
Let’s live our life fully.

I took everything I had with me to tell him that. Why? Because I love him. And I’m proud of the fact that I love him and brave enough to show it.

So for you who are reading this right now, yes you, let’s start living our life diligently shall we? Let’s get mad when we should, cry when we sad, laugh when it’s funny and love fully with all our heart. Let’s be honest and true to our feelings. And let’s not forget to smile!

Can you do that?



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