[Kpop Talks] + [Official MV] Without You Now – Yuna Kim feat MFBTY

MFBTY &Yuna Kim Without You Now

First of all, I don’t know who Yuna Kim is. Not that I care anyway. I don’t mind whether she resign from YG or whatever her history before, the most important thing to me is that now she release her debut with this song and I’m just going to talk about that.

Tiger JK, Bizzy and T Yoon Mirae are my all time favourite rappers. Well, most of my favourite singers are rappers, but I really love them. They have this unique identity I can’t describe. When you hear their songs, you just know it’s them.

This song is good. Not great, just good. There are traces of MFBTY all over this song…
In my opinion, I think that Yuna Kim make a good choice by debuting with MFBTY. She did have a unique voice but I don’t think it’s enough to attract people on the first time. In fact, I need to listen to this song like 10 times before it actually sounds nice. The song is indeed catchy, like I said, sooooooo MFBTY. Can’t deny the fact that when it’s T’s and Tiger JK’s parts, the feel is different. Doesn’t mean that Yuna Kim’s voice is bad, it just that their level is way too different. But the great thing about MFBTY is that they are so balance that none of them seem to overpowering one another. We can clearly see Yuna Kim there, not just T and Tiger JK. That’s why I think she made a great choice by debuting with MFBTY. Indirectly, they made her stand out to show her own charms and her own ability.

For the MV part, I think Yuna Kim need to learn a lot. A whole damn lot. When I listen to this song it actually sound way much better without watching the MV.

For the lyrics, you can find it here:



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