Expiry Date; the limitation.



“Best before”

I believe everyone is familiar with these term right? For those who doesn’t, well..I just can say you are in a big big trouble..

What happens if the breads that we bought were way past the ‘expiry‘ date?
What if the cosmetics we used were way past the ‘best before‘ date?
What would we do?
Still eat the bread? Still gonna apply the cosmetics?

No.We will just throw it away. After all, it can no longer be used isn’t it?

Now, have you ever thought that ‘things’ are not the only one that comes with expiry date? That comes with limitation?

..humans also come with an expiry date. We are limited. Our time is.

But we often forgot it isn’t we?

Why are we wasting our time with all the insecurities, with all the baggage of the past?

Got something to say? Then say it!
Got something to prove? Then go for it!
Got someone to love? Then show it!
Got something to do? Don’t delay it!
Got a dream? Chase it!

Tomorrow won’t always come you know.

Our parents, our friends, the people we love and all the people we care for won’t live forever. Like you, they too, are limited. Be honest with yourselves especially and all those people around you. Do it while you can. Do it while you still got the chance. Because once they are expired.. they are no longer can be used.

I don’t know when my expired time will be. It might be 1 sec from now, might be 1 hour from now too, who knew? But I knew I have one. And I knew..you do too.



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