‘Who Am I; The very definition of me’

Who am I?


“Who am I?”

Recently, I have been going through a lot of interviews and the first thing they asked was basically,  “Introduce yourself”. To be honest, I don’t really know how to answer that. Yeah, I know my name, I know my age and everything that I really need to know..

But at that point I doubt this, ‘DO I REALLY KNOW WHO I AM?’

Have you ever felt that at some point in your life, you just stop being….. you? I have been so lost lately that I started to look at my old photos. You know..the one when we were kids all smile and happy? Yeah, that kind of photos.

And I realized how pathetic I have become. Now, i am just a sad-depressed-ugly-looking old lady. And I wondered..what happened?

We used to run around giggling and acting all gooey not caring about the world except of our own. At that time, we are who we are. We create the ultimate definitions of ourself. We used to be ‘I am who I am’.

But now as we grew up, the definitions changed. Suddenly, the world is getting smarter, the expectations are getting higher, and the responsibilities are getting bigger. Not to mention all the failures and all the heartbreaks we went through just to come as far as we are right now at this very moment.

And somewhere along the line, we forgot..

Instead of talents and hard works, we let the grades define us.
Instead of our own dreams, we let the ‘expectation of the world’ defines us.

So, I’m gonna ask you. Who are you? ..And what defines you?



2 thoughts on “‘Who Am I; The very definition of me’

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Wow, nice definitions you have there for yourself ~
      Afterall, we all needs love and a friend, right? ^^

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